papiery metalizowane POL-MAK metallized papers

Metallized papers

For special occasions, we recommend unusual gift wrapping papers - metallized papers by POL-MAK. ✨ First of all, the play of light, secondly beautiful designs, make them look great "live". 🤩 Therefo...
Zestaw teczek A4  TA4_OG_540

Exotic paper folders

Exotic, paper folders are our novelty. We are pleased, to present our beautiful, colorful set of A4 document folders, with an elastic band. Fashionable graphics, saturated colors, matte finish, high quality. In th...
serwetka „Sunflower on Seeds” SDOG 0310 01, napkin by POL-MAK

Napkin Sunflower on Seeds

Do you know that: 1st of May is an International Day of Guerrilla Planting Sunflowers. 🌻👍😉 Well, the point is that the sunflower 🌻 will cope even in the most neglected corner of the ...
Serwetka lunch marki Maki: Blue Folk Eggs with Yellow Tulips SLWL 0104 01, napkins by POL-MAK Easter novelties

Easter novelties

Let's emphasize the festive nature of the Easter breakfast 🍽 - let's decorate the table for ourselves and our guests, with Easter novelties ❣️ It will be beautiful! 😍 Some of our new ...
serwetki Fried Eggs by POL-MAK

Napkins Fried Eggs

;) We want to present you, our new napkin designs: "Fried Eggs" 🍳 yellow-green and blue-pink. 😉 Daisy brand, lunch napkins (33x33cm) photos: 🍳 Fried eggs in the blue-pink version: "Fried Eg...