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Hot stamping / Embossing

Hot stamping is the method of printing in which a heated die and a foil are used to apply graphics to a surface.The process is regularly used as a print finishing on our products - greeting cards and paper gift bags.

Embossing has become a widely used process in print industry, which undoubtedly improves product's value. This technique allows to accomplish 3-dimensional effect by relief images on a paper surface.

Our products prove to be professionally manufactured thanks to Hot stamping and Embossing processes. Depending on a surface different kinds of foil, including gold and silver are applied. Both techniques are carried out very accurately and with appropriate precision.

Hot stamping and Embossing are held on a modern machines Heidelberg S-Cylinder, in B2 format which guarantees the best production quality.

POL-MAK Embossing - Heidelberg S-Cylinder POL-MAK Hot stamping - Heidelberg S-Cylinder
 POL-MAK Hot stamping - Heidelberg S-Cylinder