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Gift Paper Bags

Gift Paper Bags POL-MAK – beauty and comfort - all in one.


Gift Paper Bags POL-MAK

POL-MAK has been a leading manufacturer of Paper Gift Bags for 19 years now. Among the wide range of bags' collection our customers have variety of images, formats and style to choose.

We advise the latest trends on the market and sizes which are the most desirable by customers. A broad assortment of designs for any celebration, holiday and occation available offhand.

Regardless of season, customers may order Gift Bags for Christmas, Valentine's, Wedding, Christening, Communion, universal graphic motifs and floral bags, bags for children or very popular, not only on the Polish market – Polish folklore bags.



Gift Paper Bags POL-MAK


* high quality and material resistance - manually glued and folded

* 16 formats and 1000 designs for any occasion

* total production in Poland – operative and accurate order accomplishment

Gift Paper Bags POL-MAK Gift Paper Bags POL-MAK  Gift Paper Bags POL-MAK

   Gift Paper Bags POL-MAK          Gift Paper Bags POL-MAK                Gift Paper Bags POL-MAK

All designs of paper bags can be found in a catalogue