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Paper Plates

 Paper Plates Pol-Mak – create a character of your party.


Paper Plates POL-MAK

Paper Plates, manufactured by POL-MAK company, are colourful, creative and absorb clients' attention immediately. All designs have been accurately designed in order to offer you wide range of product's possibilities. In our rich collection you will find paper plates for children party and birthday party, beautiful floral designs and our best-seller -  Polish Folklore Paper Plates.


Pol-Mak offers 2 sizes of Paper Plates:

Ø 180 mm - perfect for sweet cakes and snacks

Ø 227 mm  - perfect for dinner and BBQ


 Paper Plates by POL-MAK


* a trendy and must-have product – original designs on the market

* best quality – certified raw material + offset printing (intense colours and expressive patterns)

* Paper Plates as complementary goods with Paper Napkins  – ready sets

* high quality product, which combines comfort with elegance.


 Birthday Plates POL-MAKPaper Plates POL-MAKFolklore Plates POL-MAK

        Birthday Plates POL-MAK             Plates for Children POL-MAK                Folklore Plates POL-MAK


All designs of paper plates can be found in a catalogue