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Die Cutting

Die cutting is the process of using a die to cut a paper sheet, cardboard or any other paper product. A die is a tool that possesses  molded blades and edges. In our manufactory die cutting is used for any kind of packaging, folders, greeting cards and gift paper bags.

Die cutting characterizes:

  • using dies with perforations  so called wasting, cuts, folds etc.
  • high precision of cutting
  • high efficiency in different volumes

Die cutting is carried on a Swiss line by Bobst company and on Heidelberg S-Cylinder, in B2 format.

Bobst Machinery:

  • maximum sheet size: 1260 x 920 mm
  • minimum sheet size: 500 x 350 mm

 POL-MAK Die cutting Heidelberg  POL-MAK Die cuttingBobst  POL-MAK Die cutting Bobst