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Gift Wrap Paper

Gift Wrapping Paper Pol-Mak - enjoy your packing & giving! 


Gift Wrap Papers POL-MAK

POL-MAK –  a leading manufacturer of Gift Wrapping Papers in Poland. For 30 years we have been delivered best quality Gift Wrapping Papers to big distrbutors and wholesalers around the world.

POL-MAK sells wrap papers with wide range of motifs and for different occations. In a broad assortment you will find wrap floral, graphic, one-colour, children's, Wedding, Communion, Valentine's, folklore and Christmas papers.




Gift Wrapping Paper POL-MAK


* high quality materials and renowed suppliers

* attractive designs for all occations - over 70 ready paper sets in size of 1 and 2 meters

* flexible solutions for your business in terms of Packaging

* comfortable and elegant Cardboard Displays




1-meter Paper  2-meter Paper  3-meter Paper
 1m (99,5 x 68,5 cm); 80g/m2  2m (200 x 70 cm); 60g/m2  3m (300 x 70cm); 60g/m2




Gift Wrap Papers POL-MAK  Gift Wrap Papers POL-MAK  Gift Wrap Papers POL-MAK
 1 sheet in a roll  25 sheets in a roll  25 sheets folded in half


 All designs can be found in a catalogue.