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CTP Printing

CTP Printing (a Computer-to-Plate-printing) is the modern method of processing the image of the page from a digital file recorded directly from the file to the printing plate. Since 2006 the process is being held on a CTP printing machine by SCREEN PlateRite 8300S, using offset plates in digital technology, in B1 format. CTP Printing improves printing quality and allows to eliminate errors and save customer’s time.

The prepress room is equipped in a digital proof  EPSON Stylus PRO 9800 which enables to prepare printing patterns and ozalids.

We guarantee:

  • CTP printing plates from 490 x 370 till 103 x 800
  • Speed – 13 plates per hour
  • Resolution – 2400dpi
  • Works prepared in Windows environment (graphic programs Adobe CS Premium & Corel Draw)


We accept projects/files on CDs, DVDs and FTP server.

POL-MAK CTP Printing  POL-MAK CTP Printing  POL-MAK CTP Printing