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Paper Cups

Paper Cups POL-MAK - choose your favorite design for your party!


Kubeczki papierowe POL-MAK

Paper Cups - a brand-new line in our wide collection of decorative paper products. Cups are frequently and eagerly used in HoReCa sector, also during business meetings or promotional campaigns in shopping centres. The product can be come across as a fancy article at the festive table. Beautifully Printed Paper Cups wil undoubtedly make Birthday Parties, Wedding Parties, Kindergarten events, picnics and other occasions, more joyful and colourful. Each Paper Cup goes perfectly together with other paper accessories from our broad assortment - Paper Plates and Paper Napkins. We offer you ready sets with the same image on a few items. It gives you great possibilities to create unforgettable and charming compositions, in according to your needs and fantasy.


Paper Cups Pol-Mak


* we offer you printed Paper Cups - capacity 250 ml, 8 pcs/package - suitable packaging

* Cups are manufactured in offset technology 214 gsm + 15 PE

* only high quality materials are used in the process of printing

* total production of paper Cups is held in our company

* the product has been created for both warm and cold liquids

* regular sale includes 30 designs in Maki Collection & 22 designs in Daisy Collection

* we offer you ready sets: Cups + Plates + Napkins

Happy Birthday Party Set  Birthday Cake Party Set  Butterflies Party Set
 Happy Birthday Party Set  Birthday Cake Party Set  Butterflies Party Set


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