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Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards Pol-Mak - tradition is always in fashion.


Greeting Cards POL-MAK

Stay in touch with people who are special to yousend a card to the dearest.             

POL-MAK is one of the biggest manufacturers of Greeting Cards, Invitation Cards, Post Cards, Gift Enclosure Cards in Poland.

We supply with all kinds of greeting cards, incl. Christmas Cards, Birthday Cards, Name Day Cards, Christening, Wedding Cards, Valentine's.


Greeting Cards POL-MAK

* cooperation with best designers and licensing agencies

* global design trends monitoring

* wide availability of sizes, formats and greetings, which attract customers

* operative and accurate order accomplishment

* modern offset printing on best quality materials

* best print finishing (glitter, gold/silver foil, UV varnish, elegant paper pressing)                       

Birthday Cards POL-MAK  Christmas Cards POL-MAK Birthday Cards POL-MAK 
 Birthday Cards POL-MAK  Christmas Cards POL-MAK  Birthday Cards POL-MAK


All designs can be found in a catalogue